Monthly Archives: November 2011

Amy Winehouse’s chiffon dress sold at the auction for $67,000

November 30, 2011

The dress worn by the Grammy winner Amy Winehouse who passed away last July 23, was auctioned last November 29 in London. The dress was worn on Amy Winehouse Back to Black album cover who was designed by Thailand-based designer Disaya. So are you curious how much does it cost? It was sold for $67,000. According to report, the designer donated the money to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

So here’s a picture of Amy Winehouse Back to Black album cover wearing the white and red printed chiffon dress that was recently auctioned in London.

Do you have some gift ideas to share?

November 30, 2011

Usually, people get so excited with Christmas is the thing they will be receiving from their relatives, friends and family. So how about you guys, have you already get some gift ideas to share on? We should start shopping for gifts now so that to avoid crowded places if ever you shop 2-3 days before the Christmas day. I think, its better to shop online if you don’t have time to go shopping at the mall. It’s just a suggestion guys!

Topman to open an online magazine for men

November 26, 2011

Topman is one of the famous fashion line for men.  Topman will be launching its own fashion magazine online dedicated for men around the globe this coming November 30. I’m sure most men now can now easily have an access on what’s the latest trends in that clothing company. You may access it via computer, tablet and mobile phones so that means as long you have one of the means on accessing the internet, you’ll never get worry on getting the whats hot in Topman shop.

Victoria Beckham to collaborate with Quentin Jones

November 25, 2011

If you are an avid fan of Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, you must be aware that she’s gonna collaborate with the rising director Quentin Jones for her Summer/ Spring denim’s line  video promotion. The video will be release on November 30 at a fashion site. So there you go guys, if you love collecting Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, better not miss the chance of seeing its new collection.

Justin Bieber finally took a DNA test

November 22, 2011

As we all been seeing from the news, Justin Bieber is being accused of Mariah Yeater for fathering her baby. But it seems that Justin really took it seriously, so he decided to take a DNA test in New Jersey last Friday. So the only problem now is whether Mariah Yeater will be allowing to take sample to crossmatch Justin Bieber’s DNA to her baby. Well, let’s just wait and see who’s side is telling the truth.

So eager to work!

November 21, 2011

I’m now so eager to work on odesk now because I’m worried about my Godsons and Goddaughters this coming Christmas, I want to give them some money which came from my hardwork. I already applied to several job postings on odesk and I hope that I get hired any time of the week. Wish me luck guys!

A tip to use swimming pools during winter

November 18, 2011

Even though winter’s here, don’t worry guys! You can still have fun and get some relaxing moment right on your own swimming pools because there’s a thing called pool heat pump that will keep your swimming pool’s warm. So who told you that swimming pool is just used during summer? You can now enjoy your swimming pool even if its winter so better have fun!

Just bought a certified car

November 13, 2011

My parents just bought a certified car today. Its a royal blue 2010 toyota corolla LE. I’m so surprised that they already bought it because I thought they gonna buy the old model car. My parents bought it immediately because my mom’s gonna start working on her new job and dad cant be able to drive her from her work. So she really needs to buy a car.

Getting a schedule for Passport Renewal at DFA Pampanga

November 7, 2011

My sister and I went to DFA Pampanga to get a schedule for the renewal of my passport but when we got there I only knew that the scheduling is already done. They only accept getting schedules from 8am-11am. I felt bad that we were 40 minutes late so I just get the application form and took it with me. I planned to go there again tomorrow I hope that I will not be late anymore. Oh btw, before we went home, we went to SM pampanga and had our lunch there, and also bought new eyeglasses for me!!! I will be blogging it on my new entry!!!

Piece of cake

November 2, 2011

So here’s the piece of cake I took while eating my sister’s cake given to her by her boyfriend. Its their anniversary so her boyfriend dropped by here in our house to greet her and celebrate their anniversary here. Isn’t it sweet? LOL. I’m getting envy now. I better stop this! LOL. I hope my boyfriend surprises me too on our very special occasion. I do hope so!